Lab-type offshore development


Make your team on priod you need and send any requirement, they will do it for you.

All of our quality control engineers have coding experiences, and are adept at creating and executing test cases, test automation, and automated build processes.


Business trip, remote type

A form in which the customer's PM / SE advances the project while interacting directly with our SE on a business trip basis or Skype or video conference.


Resident type

A form in which the customer PM / SE is stationed in our Vietnam office and the project is carried out

Recommended for such projects

Delivery time, such as in-house services, is not fixed
Creating a mock app in an agile style
Maintenance work occurs frequently


Once an application is delivered, an array of services are available to ensure its ongoing success and extend it to meet future requirements.

Recommended for such projects

Delivery time is fixed
Less changes in specifications and returns
Want to reduce development costs

We are provide

- Business information. A business shares information with consumers or other businesses.

- Business integration. A business provides transactional, "for fee" services to its customers. 

- Business process externalization. A business differentiates itself from its competition through the creation of a global value chain.

Provide deliver talent today for a smarter tomorrow

We provide program training engineers Vietnamese to work in Japan and learn the Japanese way of working.

The future goal we will extend to other countries than Japan

Trade Promotions

Support foreign companies (especially Japan) come to Vietnam to open a branch or start-up business, support initial steps from searching for style, surveying the market, visiting companies together domains, laws, and culture of Vietnam