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Software publishers

Take advantage of an array of solutions tailored specifically to Software Publishers. Our Agile teams can work independently or integrated with your existing teams to develop and maintain world-class applications for web, mobile, and desktop. We offer a full range of consulting and engineering services to serve the entire customers.

Development period
7 months


Management system

Group Calendars, Address books, Tasks and Projects, Tracking System, File Management, E-mail client: Groupware is an online open-source enterprise software for business use and provides the services by using cutting edge collaboration technologies which allow organizations to collaborate in a secure and function rich environment, supporting integrated project teams across and within organization boundaries.

Development period

Other projects

Experiences build apps

  • PHP

We have experienced when building a system with services gives yourself the power of speed, scale & security:

- Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Kubernetes (K8s)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Internal Project

  • Kubernetes (K8s)

- Automated Scheduling– Kubernetes provides advanced scheduler to launch container on cluster nodes. It performs resource optimization.
- Self-Healing Capabilities– It provides rescheduling, replacing and restarting the containers which are died.
- Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks– It supports rollouts and rollbacks for the desired state of the containerized application.
- Horizontal Scaling and Load Balancing– Kubernetes can scale up and scale down the application as per the requirements.